The one thing I hate more than reading band infos is writing them. I don‘ t need to tell people how god-like Steakknife is. People should be telling me that.
But since creativity (at least coming from the press) seems to be a rarity these days, here is the „information“. The music we make is the music we listen to. And we do this exclusively for ourselves.
We have a new record (well kinda new…) that you should spend your money on.
You should listen to it constantly and then tell everyone you meet how Steakknife changed your life.
You should buy a gun and use it to force people to spend their money on our new record.
You should start a religious cult and spend every waking moment praising the steak.
You should spread the word so that I don‘ t have to waste time writing shit like this.
And that, my friend, is as informative as I want to be.

El Hollis – vocals
Lucky Diamond – guitar
Marc Mondial – guitar
Hell G. – bassguitar
Lorenzo Stiletti – drumset
Fuck off.

Label: Vielklang Studios

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